painted decorative ceramic light switch
painted decorative ceramic light switch


Painted period porcelain light switch

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This is a rotary light switch made of glazed ceramic body and modern electrical contact, cold painted by hand.
Be it traditional, modern or industrial your interior design will add up a vintage touch thru the use of this iconic 20th century design piece.
It is easy to install on a flat wall by a certified electrician. It works for wall flush mounted electrical cords setup.

 painted by artist Daniela Balaneanu.

This is a made to order product. You'll be notified about the processing time after you place the order.

Width: 65mm
Length: 65mm
Height: 60mm
Weight: 200gr
Mechanical Life: 100000
Max. Current: 16A
Max. Voltage: 250V
Material: Glazed ceramic body and handle, steel screws
Compact contact block
Screw and dowel included 2 pcs
Pack weight = 0.2 kg
Certificate: CE, RoHS

Style: retro / antique / period / traditional / vintage / industrial / provencal

Gently clean with a soft and slightly damp cloth only. 

One way - The single switch controls a single light or lighting circuit. It's the simplest type of switch that you can get. 
Double one way - The double switch controls two lights or lighting circuits. Even if it has one gang (one rotary handle) as the other switch types have, you can control 2 circuits by the angle of the handle. 
Double way - Means there is another switch controlling the same light. These are often used on a stair case, large room with switches by each door. 

Please access this link for installation instructions

CE certified no. SHBST1602006114846YSC-2
EN 61058-1:2002+A2:2008