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Feel the space, enjoy the light. It takes a lot of design process to reduce space and objects to the essentials. By carefully considering the design process, Nicole have curated a space that focuses on the essentials to enhance your experience. She used our genuine copper faucets for his objectives.

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  We are proud to have our Loop faucet shortlisted in may 2021 issue of the World of Interiors magazine. Condé Nast Britain (CNB) https://www.worldofinteriors.co.uk/ Our Loop faucet has been recognized in the prestigious May 2021 issue of World of Interiors magazine, reflecting our commitment to quality and design excellence.  

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An honest man in an honest house

Piping is not decorative in this masculine looking bathroom, it brings life inside: water, heat, light, air. Chris found a way to make Loop tap and Shower a part of this metabolism.  The sleek design of the Loop tap and Shower blend seamlessly with the functional elements of the bathroom. The choice of using Piping in this bathroom serves a utilitarian purpose by facilitating the flow of essential elements. Chris skillfully integrated the Loop tap and Shower into the overall design, enhancing the functionality of the space. Photo: Chris G.

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