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When it comes to home design, there are many different styles to choose from. One popular style that has gained a lot of attention in recent years is Mediterranean style. But what exactly is Mediterranean style and how can you incorporate it into your own home? Let's take a closer look. 1. How does Mediterranean style maximize natural light and views of the outdoors? Mediterranean style homes are known for their ability to maximize natural light and take advantage of the beautiful views of the outdoors. This is achieved through the use of large windows and open floor plans. By incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden frame doors, Mediterranean style homes allow natural light to flood the space, creating a bright...

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Feel the space, enjoy the light. It takes a lot of design process to reduce space and objects to the essentials. By carefully considering the design process, Nicole have curated a space that focuses on the essentials to enhance your experience. She used our genuine copper faucets for his objectives.

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